The Top Ten Things to Do in Park Rapids in the Winter

Jan 3, 2017

Ah, Winter; that magical time of year. Biting winds nip at your cheeks, slush and snow cover the ground (and your entryway floor), and the thought of taking your pet for a walk brings goosebumps.

At the Good Life Cafe, we love to embrace every part of winter. After all, it’s not all scraping ice from the windshield and shoveling sidewalks – it’s a beautiful, wondrous

Season. Here’s a look at our top ten favorite things to do in Park Rapids in the winter:


  1. Sledding at Headwaters Golf Course.

Surrounded by beautiful pines, the Headwaters Golf Club is an excellent destination for golfers in the summer. Then in the winter, it turns into a wonderful sledding hill for families. Wear some waterproof boots, grab your toboggan, and slide on down!


  1. Open Skate at the Hockey Rink

Ice skating at a hockey rink . . . could there be a more beloved Minnesota winter pastime? The rink can be a great way to perfect your turns, teach your kids to skate or enjoy a quick afternoon scrimmage. Whether you grew up playing hockey or skating figure eights, grab your blades and head to the Ted O’Johnson Ice Arena.  


  1. Ice Fishing

If there is one activity that is more quintessentially Minnesotan than ice skating, it would be ice fishing. Whether you are in it for the walleye or for an excuse to play cards, relax, and have some good conversation, make it a priority to get to the ice house this year.


  1. Build Snow Sculptures

Put on your snowsuit and bundle up because it’s time to build some snowmen! With the recent snowfall, we finally have snow in abundance to build forts and snowmen. Add in a snowball fight or two, and finish up with some hot chocolate.

  1. Put Your Camera to Good Use

Winter landscapes in Minnesota are beautiful and awe-inspiring. Grab your camera, and get in touch with your creative side. Take in picturesque snowy landscapes. Find beauty in frost-covered branches and snow-laden trees. Immerse yourself in the beauty of northern Minnesota.


  1. Break Out the Snowshoes and Cross-Country Skis

Park Rapids is a wonderful spot for outdoor activities. Whether you see snowshoeing and cross-country skiing as a killer workout or just killer, there’s a trail for everyone. Check out the trails at Itasca State Park and Soaring Eagle, where you can even rent trail equipment.


  1. Wear Your Favorite Flannels and Scarves

Even though it’s cold, we can still be fashionable! Now is the time to wear your favorite flannels, scarves, snow boots, and hats. Pull out your best punky plaids, cozy cable knits, mittens made from wool sweaters, puffy vests, and Sorel boots that reach to your knees. And to think, those poor suckers down south have to wear shorts all year!


  1. Join the Fishing Derby

The Park Rapids American Legion will be hosting the 2017 Ice Fishing Contest and Raffle on February 4th. Whether you fish competitively or for sport, this fishing derby is an excellent tradition to join. Head to the official fishing derby website, and preview the prizes. New amenities this year include a warming tent and electronic scoreboard run by a smartphone app.

  1. Talk About the Weather with Other Minnesotans

This wasn’t as bad as the blizzard 20 years ago!
How many inches are we supposed to get?
Gosh, those roads were icy last night!
Is it cold enough for ya?

Having long conversations about the weather is our right as Minnesotans. The weather dominates our lives for a good 6 months – what are we supposed to do? Not talk about it?! Besides, it makes a great conversational ice-breaker (pun intended).


  1.  Go to Happy Hour at The Good Life Cafe

We get it. Not everyone is a nature enthusiast. Those that aren’t can barely stand the thought of leaving their heated garage – not to mention tromping through the woods. But to keep cabin fever at bay, warm up the car and head in for Happy Hour at 4 PM. Since it’s already dark by then, no one will judge you for starting early!


Enjoy your season, and make sure to stop in at The Good Life Cafe this winter!